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The Process: How We Work with You


Our first meeting with you will be an informal discussion of your concept, free of cost.

Please have anything ready that you think will convey your idea and vision for your project…

photos, books, your own drawings, etc. We want to give you exactly what you want!


Should you decide to go ahead to the next step, we will then take measurements, and create

a visual composite, or layout, which we will present at our next meeting with you. At this

second meeting, we will also submit a price quotation for completing your project, based on

size, complexity, and difficulty. 


There is a charge of $100.00 for this layout and quote which is due at the time of presentation.

Large, commercial projects require separate pricing for the layout process. Please note though,

that all layout fees will be deducted from the total charge for your project, should you agree

to the work.


We look forward to meeting you and creating your masterpiece!

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